Anybody Gonna Play ZOMBIES for Halloween???

October 30, 2010 in Black Ops, World at War, Zombies

I suggest that in honor of Halloween and the incredibly fun COD5 game of WaW Zombies that we all pull out MW2 game and plop in the World at War game and Play ZOMBIES! Forward this to all you pals and see just how many people we can get to be ZOMBIFIED for Halloween!!! Currently at 1:30 (New York Time EST) Saturday October 30 here are the stats for COD5 Zombies:

Total Playing Zombies on PSN 6300
Each Map stats:
Nacht der Untoten 1677
Zombie Verruckt 296
Shi No Numa 558
Der Riese 6574

So lets see if we can put a “HIT” on Treyarch/Activision servers this weekend! Also to “refresh” the Zombie play/storyline in our minds since COD7 (Black Ops) will be out in 10 DAYS!!! with more Zombies to kill.
Lets do it, Pass it on, email it, put it on your facebook, etc……………


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