Black Ops Zombie Jam Time!

April 15, 2012 in Black Ops, Zombies

While playing Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies (if you can make it 20+ rounds) you know sometimes it can be monotonous. One of the BEST things Treyarch/Activision did is employ Kevin Sherwood (song writer) & Elena Siegman (singer) to do the “easter egg” zombie songs. Playing them mid way through an event of a long zombies match is SO COOL and breaks it up. So make sure you “save” the song for when you need a break to just “JAM OUT” with Richtofen or whomever your character is. We got in a match last night (taking break from prestiging in MW3) and these to catz (Devo & Puma) started breaking it down, LOL, so I recorded it, just to show you all that zombies are so rich with fun, and wanted to say a big thanks to Kevin and Elena for adding to that :)


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  1. We’ve been playing some zombies lately and we always get one guy who seems to play the song before round 5. But yeah, it’s always best to wait to the “Krazy” rounds as it makes it more fun.

    I’m counting the day to Black OPs II and new Zombies….you know they’re coming ;)

  2. Funny thing bout this video, “Puma” got a case of the crybabies or something and deleted me from list, and left clan, supposedly cuz he argued with another clan member, and I inquired bout it, seemed no big deal, we all argue now and then, but I spose wasn’t good enough for him, i thought all settled………..oh well, now ima bad dude, all the sudden, but in all honesty, i guess i am, cux i have no feeling whatsoever for immaturity, just sad-ish that he turn out to be that immature, we had lots of fun that night playing zombies and jam’n to Elena Siegman………….oh well, he’ll grow up someday, and probably be a kewl puma………till then ;)

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