Black Ops Zombies Ascension Problems on Xbox?

February 8, 2011 in Black Ops, Zombies

Are you having problems playing COD7 Zombies on Xbox right now? The last few days, I would get into a lobby and during “Host Migration” all of us would get kicked out. Multiplayer worked fine, just the zombie mode would not work. I contacted XboxSupport and went through the “drill” of checking port forwarding, plugging straight into modem (bypassing the router) all along KNOWING that my setup is correct (I do this kind of stuff for my day job “Networking” etc) but I followed their lead to assist them in troubleshooting. I also tried to use “Default” setting and “Locale Only” to no avail. Finally XboxSupport suggest that I try “Locale” setting. Reluctant that it wouldn’t work, I tried it and VIOLA’ it worked :) I got into a game of Ascension and played to round 20. So I haven’t been able to attempt this again, (it was bedtime) but I will attempt this tonight. Please leave a comment if you are having the same issue, so we can get this figured out for good. I spoke to at least 20 people in the lobbies and that was having the same issue, so if this is happening to you, let us know and also try “Locale” setting (not default or locale only, but LOCALE) Happy Zombie Killing :D

** UPDATE 2/12/2011 **
Still having same issues; however, they seem ‘less’. “Locale” setting definitely seems to help, but it takes a while to get into a lobby, and then, 60%-70% of the time somebody (or myself) gets kicked at the “Host Migration” as before, Multiplayer works GREAT, it’s only on Zombies………..I don’t even think they are looking into this issue, because too many are just being patient and try over and over, so if your having this issue please let us know so we have data to show that this IS AN ISSUE! tks :)



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  1. hm hasnt happened to me, but we will have to hit up some zombies sometime!

  2. Dude im having the same problems its been like this for days

  3. Chris,
    Tks for the comment! This is part of the problem to the solution. Nobody is saying…..Hey, I’m having a problem here! Peeps are just “dealing” with it and being patient………10 minutes……..20 minutes……ah, finally in game. So basically until this is SHOUTED out by “enough” peeps then “There is no problem” so any of you reading this and you too Chris………sign up for twitter acct and tweet the issue to @xboxsupport and or @atvi_mikey :) I think only then will they realize that it is their issue and they need to fix it!

  4. im haveing the same problem every tim i try to find a game on acsension wen the host migration gets to 10 it ses game lobby clossed

  5. Hey, I get the same problem, but locale does seem to make it better (ish!!!). Hopefully the “brilliant” minds at Treyarch and MS can sort this out asap, didn’t spend a whole heap of money (incl. LIVE) just to sit and wait!!!

  6. Softw4r3fr34k,

    Best thing for us to do is to contact, support, and the best method I’ve found is twitter, contact @ATVI_Mikey and @XboxSupport the more reports to them, the quicker they will consider it a “problem”

  7. Been like it for weeks when playing Zombies ascension it’s takes like an hour to get a game. What a joke it needs sorting out

  8. Here are some additional Posts from my YOUTUBE channel:

    i cant play zombie

    whats the solution ?
    PROFESSIONAL566 1 week ago

    meee toooo i have the same problem .. shit!!
    PROFESSIONAL566 1 week ago

    DJSexLeopard 2 weeks ago

    This still happens it’s hella f’n gay
    Boejo22 3 weeks ago

    *same* sorry i wrote dame
    Joeant20 1 month ago

    the dame thing is happening to me, ive tried about 30 different games and every time “game lobby closed” its so annoying
    Joeant20 1 month ago

    @Tht1kidYouKnw oww feel bad for you , BEST MAP EVEEEEEEEEEEEER
    GTabdell 1 month ago

    I still haven’t gotten to play on ascencion because of f’n host migration
    Tht1kidYouKnw 2 months ago

    wtf i got this too
    phomer1 2 months ago

    same here i finally got 1 match today but thats it
    foriamvengeance 2 months ago

    im having the same god damn problem
    ToontownVIdeos100 2 months ago

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