Call of Duty Bunker

August 15, 2009 in Zombies

COD Bunker is being launched by “BuckeyeTC” Prestige 10 Level 65 on the PS3 network.  I started playing Call of Duty “World at War” and then purchased also “Modern Warfare” (haven’t played that one enough to prestige yet)  I have been playing a lot of “Zombie” matches on World at War and have met a lot of decent folks out there in Playstation 3 land.  In order to share ideas and post thoughts I will be creating COD Bunker.

Until then here is a Glitch Tip for you!

This is a solo glitch for COD WAW Der Riese (Zombie 4, map pack 3)

- Start a solo match.
- Collect at least 3250 points
- Open doors (Trench Gun Side, opposite Thompson side)
- Go upstairs, jump down, turn power on
- Run back around where you opened door, climb stairs again
- But this time cross bridge, go into transporter room Z-A
- Link this transporter to the main floor.
- Run back to this point and wait close to T-porter room until the last zombie comes across bridge and throw grenade or grenades at him when he is at the area of
Double Tap machine to kill him
- Before he dies run to the back of the transporter and go prone
- Then turn around and watch the levels just tick away with no zombies or dogs showing up
- After every 4 to 5 rounds it “hung on me during dog rounds” but then continued on after (I assume) the dogs died somewhere, this may or may not happen to you.

Good luck.


2 responses to Call of Duty Bunker

  1. great glitch. got to round 600 by doing nothing. cheers buckeye for posting it and to iain for giving me a walk thru. keep the glitches coming.

  2. Great glitch, the best proof is Iain58 who has reached 1234 level in solo match :o))) Well done.

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