Call of Duty World at War “Der Riese” Video

August 22, 2009 in Zombies

Playing Zombies “Der Riese” today gunit4 introduced me to “bigpimpingbigbird”, along with lkodf we played a match to level 29 and died. Found out thought that da pimp’n bird does really kewl videos of Call of Duty. I am posting this one but will soon create an account for him to author so he can embed them himself. I found it pretty cool and thought you might to. So hopefully we see some more of his creativity with these games soon. CHECK IT OUT! Give feedback…………….

P.S. I noticed while watching this that this is the “two man” glitch maybe we’ll discuss that one later….


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  1. hey buckeye thanks for puttin it up. Ill get working on the other one and will have it up ASAP.
    Nice site bro

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