Call of the Dead COD7 Zombies Map Pack 2

April 29, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS, Zombies

You MUST WATCH this Video! If you STILL haven’t played Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies yet, YOU WILL! I’ve heard “I just don’t get into zombies that much, I’d rather play Multiplayer” among many others. I will agree, at the beginning, W@W Zombie map 1, I wasn’t too impressed either, then Veruckt got my attention, then when Der Riese Came along (huge imagination leap forward) it was all over, I was a Call of Duty Zombie playing fool. But the next one that will be released May 3rd on DLC to Xbox (PS3 and others 30 days later, Xbox deal with Activision) is going to be the MOTHER of all zombie games PERIOD. I can’t wait, and once you see this video below, you too (those non zombie players) will be checking it out also. It is my VERY STRONG opinion that with this release, it is the beginning of Call of the Dead breaking away from the Multiplayer game of Treyarch, into its own game……..Mark my word, after SHGames & IW release their COD, then when 3arc comes around again it will split, and Call of the Dead will stand alone, while 3arc’s inventive minds will add another realm to the Multiplayer experience! What say you?


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