COD5 Zombies Match Locks Up

December 5, 2009 in Zombies

Well, after playing COD6 (Modern Warfare) for awhile. We (the “original” gang) haven’t seen much of IAIN58 who was a staple of COD5 zombies. Apparently he sent a message to “BDP” aka Death_by_me75 that Friday we’d all get together and play an “old fashioned” zombie match. Sounded like a good idea to me….Iain must’ve fallen asleep LOL, cause he never answer his messages. So BDP, CanadianK!ng, Cmsjllljs, and I got a match going and of course after 5 hours or more at round 32…………..she locked up PS3. Oh the good ole days of putting in many hours just to freeze up. Well at least things haven’t changed. The funny thing is if you listen to the video below of the “freeze” you will hear “that stopped him” over and over. Well it sure did stop us LOL.


3 responses to COD5 Zombies Match Locks Up

  1. My damn system has been freezing up on me too! I dont know if it affects the other players in the game, or if to them it just looks like I logged off and left the game. Its annoying though when you spend all that time just to freeze up and be done….especially when its 2am! LOL

  2. Billy,

    It happens to me all the time between 30 and 38. I plan on getting a match with a friend “chicago” soon. He said he made it to level 40 but died due to random teamates he had so we think he may make for the best “host” He is on cable, I am on DSL, so maybe the larger bandwidth helps…….


  3. Sorry but that’s too funny!

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