COD7 Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack with “Moon”

August 18, 2011 in Black Ops, Zombies

Here is the most recent video of “behind the seens” as well as a sneek peek of the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops Zobmie Map Pack “Rezurrection”….Can’t wait :D Also, below video is the Achievements list for the new DLC.

Cryogenic Slumber Party (75G) – In Moon, complete Richtofen’s grand scheme.
One Small Hack for Man (5G) – In Moon, hack something.
One Giant Leap (5G) – In Moon, become trapped in the Receiving Area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op.
Perks in Spaaaaace (30G) – In Moon, purchase every Perk in one game.
Fully Armed and Operational (25G) – In Moon, acquire 3 Pack-A-Punched weapons at the same time.
Ground Control (10G) – In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.


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