COD7 Black Ops Zombie Co-Op Mode Proof?

September 26, 2010 in Black Ops, Zombies

cod7-black-ops-zombiesIs this the FINAL answer to you question “Will Zombies be in Call of Duty Black Ops?” There has been much anticipation to this question. At first I thought Sledgehammer Games was going to take the Co-Op Zombies into its own game, but if you check previous posts you will see that I have since changed my mind on that. (Read previous posts: You will see why I think SHgames is working on a complete FPS COD not Zombies)
Lets put this to rest, at least for the moment:
Recently bloggers are posting “further proof” of a strategy guide being released that states “Nazi Zombies” Here is an excerpt from Gamestop’s “details” of that guide:

Slip beneath the veil of the Cold War to carry out secret actions and deniable operations with this essential Signature Series guide!

* Complete Campaign Walkthrough – We lead you step-by-step through the entire game from start to finish – locate every Enemy Intel!
* Highly Detailed Single-Player and Multiplayer Maps! Our maps pinpoint critical locations in every SP and MP level. Custom versions reveal items and objectives specific to each game mode!
* Comprehensive Multiplayer Coverage – Expert tactics for Solo and Team-Based Play, every Game Mode, Ranking Up, all the Weapons, Attachments, Perks, Challenges, Killstreaks, and much more!
* Analysis of All-New Gameplay Features: COD Point Currency, Expanded Player Customization, Theater Mode, Contracts, Wager Matches, and more!
* That’s Not All!
o Achievements and Trophies
o Co-Op and Nazi Zombie Coverage
o Secrets and Unlockables

Some also think this will be answer October 15th because there is a trailer to be release on GTTV, here is info from their site:

October 15th at 12:30AM
Call of Duty: Black Ops
If you love the smell of achievements in the morning, be sure to tune in for next episode’s Black Ops coverage.”

So far the CO-OP mode of COD Black Ops has been very secretive. Why!?
Two reasons come to mind:
1. There is no Zombies in Black Ops and peeps have already warned that they will NOT buy the game without it.
2. It is in there and it will be let known near release date to give it that extra “PUSH” in sales, for those holding out.

We DO KNOW that the Prestige and Hardened editions WILL have the World at War Nazi Zombies with all four maps. FACT. (Possibly regular versions can download it as a DLC, that’s my guess)

Why would Treyarch include Nazi Zombies? Is it so Zombie fans will not have to swap game CD’s when the get bored with regular game (like we do now with MW2)
If so, will it connect to the W@W servers so W@W peeps can play with them. I say NO! This does not add up, it will be too much of a logistical nightmare to tie these two together using different servers, IMHO.
ALSO, if that is the case then you will essentially have Multiplayer, Single Player, CO-OP, and Zombies.
Treyarch has already stated the game will have MP, SP, and CO-OP………no additional mode mentioned.

If you do the math it adds up to one thing, ZOMBIES WILL be in Black Ops! CODBUNKER is almost certain of this! The question we should be trying to figure out is:
Will it be a continuation of WaW Nazi Zombies only or Will it be a transition from Nazi Zombies to Vietcong/Russian Zombies using the old story line to get you to the current?

Here is even MORE INFO that has guided CODBUNKER to stick its neck out and state ZOMBIES WILL be in Black Ops. These are tweets from Treyarch’s Josh Olin:

“Alright Tweeps, new game: Make Your Own Zombies Quote. @ reply me your funny lines, & who would say it: #Nikolai #Dempsey #Richtofen #Takeo”

Interesting Question Josh, if these zombie killers aren’t showing up in CODBO.

“I could totally see Dempsey saying this! RT kingchris20: Dempsey – “Time to nut up or shut up!” #CoDWaW #Zombies”

“Great submissions everyone! Just got done with a night of #CoDWaW #Zombies. Back to #CODBlackOps mode tomorrow =).”

“Yes, in preparation for #CODBlackOps, #CoDWaW is available for download on Xbox LIVE Games on Demand:”

IN PREPARATION? Why would CODBO need W@W’s availability for DLC for PREPARATION?
and finally:

“If Zombies have anything to do with our top-secret Co-Op mode, then it’s a safe bet there will be a trailer for it eventually…”



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  1. Cue it god damn it >:)
    On other news i purchased a 3.41 ps3 , i will be able to run PSJB and hack it :)
    Free lobbys for codbunker members when black ops comes out.

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