COD7 Black Ops Zombies and Co-op???

May 12, 2010 in Black Ops, Zombies

cod7-black-opsIt is now confirmed (via article in USA Today ) that COD7 “Black Ops” WILL have a 4 player Co-op mode. Based on previous posts and my belief “They HAVE to have Zombies or it will fail” and this confirmation of 4 player Co-op, it almost seals it that there WILL be Zombies or something VERY similar. So now we should have our multiplayer, single player (storyline), co-op, and zombie (or zombie like) modes. From the article as stated by one of the writers being interviewed “This setting, this period, was perfect for us because it allowed us this creativity. This period hasn’t really been done in games and it spans a period of time. We are not getting into the exact period of time, because it is part of our story that we are going to reveal later, but it does cover a longer period during this era.” We already know it will take time during vietnam/cold war era (we just don’t know EXACT dates. My theory since “This period hasn’t really been done” leads me to speculate the following:
It will start towards the end of Vietnam and continue through the “Cold War” Hence the “Black Ops” name. This era was the height of Black Ops. New technologies were being introduced, (SR-71) the space race, spy satellites, submarines, all of the things we think of in the “underworld” of spying on the Communists and vice versa. This should be a very cool game, depending on how factual they are with history and adding heroism to the untold stories that we have never heard of. In that era, if we lost a Spy plane, nobody knew about it. Everything was a shroud of secrecy. Could there have also been human experimentation continued on from Nazi Germany’s Notes that were found? Could this be the continuation of a Bigger and Better Pack a Punch machine???? We will have to wait and see………….

What are your thoughts??????

pic and article snippet Sourch: USA Today


12 responses to COD7 Black Ops Zombies and Co-op???

  1. alex said on June 6, 2010

    You are absolutely correct because even on the interview the man said they were going to have a co-op game type. although he did not say he did say that it was a “big hit” and that he hopes everyone will like it! you never know it could just be co-op campaign? but who know 4 sure!?

  2. i think that there will be zombies because it is astory line that was not finished ,it is a great hit and will cum bk i just no it lol ps3 rules …………… suckes :P

  3. wow, ive searched all the internet cause i really want to know if zombies will came back, but the only things i can find are clues and lies. I love zombies,(LOVE!!!!) and if they dont come back I wont probably buy black ops, seriously, i want them back, but i think the wont do it.

  4. i think if this game does not have zombies many people will not buy it. i think alot of people will buy the game if it does have zombies and that it will kill cod 4 5 6 i dident really like cod 6 lots of camping and most of the weapons were way overpowered i hope they run a beta test for black ops ps3s awsome blue ray and free connection! :)

  5. You may have a free connection but it is crap. I have dedicated 20mb cable connection. There are many games for the example but here i’ll use one. Street Fighter 4 ps3 Hardly any games and epic connects. Xbox 360 always a connection and at speed. Both Consoles i use on this connection and sorry, Xbox 360 is smoothest. I guess you get what you pay for ;)

  6. people there wont be a zombie mode. they are planning to do that in DLC but it wont be in the game

  7. SKOZMO,
    ALL games ship with one map of zombies, and hardened ed (sold out) and prestige ed come with 4 additional maps which are the 4 WaW maps “re-mastered” as far as DLC, I believe that soonish they will allow the DLC of the 4 WaW maps for regular ed for like…..$15 then when other maps come out they will include one additional zombie map (new) to ALL

  8. SKOZMO is a dick

  9. Indeed Mr_Blok, skozmo is a dick

  10. Can you believe that guy?
    Thinking he’s all wise and shit.
    They should hang people like that, or burn them in a fire.
    Yeah I would like the taste of some BBQ’d bear.
    Rot In Pieces

  11. I love you SKOZ;)

  12. How could you possibly think that there wouldn’t be zombies, moron? <.<

    /also burninaFIER!

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