COD7 Black Ops Zombies “FIVE” (Table Glitch)

November 21, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS, Zombies

Instructions for “Table Glitch” on COD7 Zombies “Five” Map:

When looking at the wall with the clocks on it in the room that you start in, there is a window to the RIGHT. This window needs to be built up in a specific way and you can climb up the window and in a few jumps be on the “Middle” conference table and invincible from the Zombies :D

First let’s understand the window boards:
From bottom to top we will label the horizontal boards 1-3.
#3 is slightly andgled from high on right to lower on the left…..This is “bad” if this board is up it WILL NOT WORK! What you need is for the horizontal boards ONLY to be the bottom one (#1) and the second one (#2). Then you 45ish degree angle on the left side of window and jump up and into bottom board, then on to the next board, and finally up and forward to the top of window. Zombies can hit you from here and this is ONE way to get to middle table. You can angle into the corner and push into it and keep jumping and eventually zombies will slap you up to the ledge above, then just walk down to middle and jump down on table in the center :D

Other method takes practice. Once on top of window you get about in middle of frame then point crosshairs towards 1st or second chair of smaller conference table closest to you. Then you do a short run/jump/turn to the left and you will land above that table. Then back up a lil and run and jump to the “T” section of center table and there you go. Sounds hard but its pretty easy when you get the hang of it. I would post a video to show that this does in fact exist; however, until our legal counsel can contacts Activision’s Legal Dept. I won’t be posting any videos that SHOULD BE “FAIR USE” since Activision seems to have taken the stance that uploading gameplay to youtube is ok by all, UNLESS it may show that there are imperfections in thier game. It would seem that they would want to “censor” press reports of these imperfections also refered to as glitches, but that its advocated to upload to youtube via ??? IDK specifics but am working on this one, yes its confusing to me as well :-/



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  1. sure this isnt patched?i know the barrier one is

  2. Just got done doing it about 30 minutes ago 11/22/2010 :D

  3. well ima have to try it again haha

  4. I did it last night, and was impressed with it until I ran out of ammo. I was on level 7 at the time, and slowly tried to creep to the edge of the table, but fell off, and that was the end of that mess…

    I find it easier (and less time consuming!) to just jump to the table… I hold sprint down, push forward and jump at the same time, and land on the smaller table, then it’s just a hop to the next table.

    I will say getting slapped to the ledge was fun, though… but I had to wait through two waves to do that because the zombies all just… died.

  5. lol i did the barrier glitch before it was patched and no zombies came every 2 or 3 minutes the levels just ended and kept going

  6. When was it patched? I did the 23rd and all was well but 24th I cNt seem to do it. :(

  7. Nick,


  8. strange the game did not download a update to patch it, so wonder how it was patched? i cant do it also anymore :(

  9. Bertus,
    They have this “new” thing where they can install “LIVE” updates on the fly, which IMHO really sux since I had issues last night after a live update and couldn’t figure out my problem until the next one came out few hours later, aka live update to fix their first “jack’d up” update, LOL ALSO what really sux about this is if you are currently playing and your peeps come on, they hafta figure out why they can’t join you………ITS BECAUSE of the LIVE UPDATE, you hafta back out to main menu so you can get it also :( then everybody can join together

  10. o ok…if i want my game “origenal” again ( so i can use glicthes in solo) can i juist clear the updates (caches, if its right spelled)??

  11. Hey. i also couldnt do the glitch and thought it was very weird that they fixed it without making an update. so i went to the dashboard, disconnected my ethernet cable so i would be offline, then started the game and started zombies. i tried doing the glitch after that and it worked just fine. hope this helps.

  12. BnDrnkn,
    Hafta check that out, some peeps are dying (LOL) since they patched this, so if this works, they will surely thank you :D

  13. YEP, I just tried it………. :D Unplugged ethernet cable, started zombies in solo mode and table glitch works fine, LOL :D

  14. just a pity i cant get the death machine glitch to work? i did it right yes? got it, got downed when it start flashing and revived…but it was gone when i got up….or did i do it wrong?

  15. heh..i was at level 103 on “FIVE” doing the table glitch but when I got home from work my ps3 screen was “BLANK”…so i lost my record!!

  16. I can jump onto the first board but then trying to jump onto the second board it just jumps back and that’s the farthest I can get so how can I do the glitch. I am using wireless but I disconnected it and it still don’t let me do the glitch I was doing it fine last night doing system link any help will be appreciated

  17. Bertus,
    If you seen my latest post on this, you will see that if you remove your internet connection then load a solo game, the table glitch will work fine :D

  18. If your connected to Internet when you launch game it will not work, if you have removed internet, then you have the boards wrong, if you knife out the very bottom two pieces of window, two knife swipes, one on lower left, one on lower right, then build window, it will build perfect everytime. Not how the upper board slopes from left to right going higher to lower, and of course bottom board has to be there, if the board look any different than that you will be bumped backwards and its not a good build :D

  19. how do you do the death machine glitch?

  20. UrBanx
    You don’t, Its patched :(

  21. How come my record wont save it wont let me do it on my own name so friends can see it?

  22. I found out zombies kino der toten glitch (:

  23. Yeah if you go into your memory in sytem setting all you hafta do is delete the CoD face update and you can do all the glitches with solo or splitscreen I gonna try death machine with ista revive hope it works

  24. on my black ops gam ill do the steps right but ill jump but just hit the flag and fall kan u help??????

  25. It takes time to get the jump…….JUST RIGHT…….just keep trying till you get it

  26. I’m gonna tryit wen i get HoM3

  27. no dont delete updates take the hardrive out and play solo-splitscreen

  28. when i tried to jump on barrier under the USA flag in 1 round, i got up the first barrier but when i tried to jump on the second i just fell., can someone plis help ?

  29. Hey all,

    I keep being able to jump up onto the first lower board but when I try and jump up onto the second board I just bounce off. Is there something I’m doing wrong?
    Do I need to crouch jump or something?

  30. Dillhon,
    The reason you fall on second jump, is because that patched it, it no longer works…………but…..
    I haven’t tested this since I posted the below info in a different post but at the time it worked and if a “Title Update” fixed it then it won’t but give it a try

    “For those of you persistent (I….MUST….DO….THE…..GLITCH….OR….DIE)
    There still is a way, but only in the SOLO mode. Some stated that you have to disconnect Ethernet or disable it, but I am pretty sure all you have to do is go straight into the SOLO mode.”

  31. hey all,
    i tried this glitch just before, i got up to the top of the window thing, then i tried jumping to the first small table and i don’t make the distance. am i doing something wrong? can anybody help?

  32. i need to know… i unplug my ethernet cable and then go solo , cuz when i tried clearing system memory cashe it still didnt work :[

  33. just unpluging ethernet no longer works cuz i just tried:[

  34. Ok im on the first piece of wood and when i jump for the second one i jump off

  35. same for me:(

  36. it doesnt work for mine. i try it and i get to the first spot when u jump but when i try to jump again it pushes me off.
    why does it do that?

  37. witch one isnt patched and can i add you to my friends list or just go on a game together so i willno what to do

  38. The table glitch I have fond

  39. It does not work please help does it work on split screen.

  40. can i do this on split screen as well or only on solo

  41. someone helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  42. can you do this with two players??/

  43. well ima leave my ps3 on for like a month and ima see what level it leavs me on :)

  44. IRT “it does not work”
    That’s because they did a “Title” update that fixed the code on your console, the only way to get it back is to delete the update files from your console, then don’t go online via internet, you play on LAN or solo, and it will work after you delete updates………..or use a patch blocker……..

  45. i did the glich over an over and it wont work

  46. i need help

  47. Bailey,
    Read my comment june 19, 2011 ……………….

  48. hva er å patche. hvordan komme oppå døra når man starter. man detter ned når man skal hoppe oppå den andre planken


  50. Okay guys. So its January 2012 now. Who really knows if solo works or not?! :D

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