COD7 Black Ops Zombies “FIVE” (Table Glitch)

November 21, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS, Zombies

Instructions for “Table Glitch” on COD7 Zombies “Five” Map:

When looking at the wall with the clocks on it in the room that you start in, there is a window to the RIGHT. This window needs to be built up in a specific way and you can climb up the window and in a few jumps be on the “Middle” conference table and invincible from the Zombies :D

First let’s understand the window boards:
From bottom to top we will label the horizontal boards 1-3.
#3 is slightly andgled from high on right to lower on the left…..This is “bad” if this board is up it WILL NOT WORK! What you need is for the horizontal boards ONLY to be the bottom one (#1) and the second one (#2). Then you 45ish degree angle on the left side of window and jump up and into bottom board, then on to the next board, and finally up and forward to the top of window. Zombies can hit you from here and this is ONE way to get to middle table. You can angle into the corner and push into it and keep jumping and eventually zombies will slap you up to the ledge above, then just walk down to middle and jump down on table in the center :D

Other method takes practice. Once on top of window you get about in middle of frame then point crosshairs towards 1st or second chair of smaller conference table closest to you. Then you do a short run/jump/turn to the left and you will land above that table. Then back up a lil and run and jump to the “T” section of center table and there you go. Sounds hard but its pretty easy when you get the hang of it. I would post a video to show that this does in fact exist; however, until our legal counsel can contacts Activision’s Legal Dept. I won’t be posting any videos that SHOULD BE “FAIR USE” since Activision seems to have taken the stance that uploading gameplay to youtube is ok by all, UNLESS it may show that there are imperfections in thier game. It would seem that they would want to “censor” press reports of these imperfections also refered to as glitches, but that its advocated to upload to youtube via ??? IDK specifics but am working on this one, yes its confusing to me as well :-/



59 responses to COD7 Black Ops Zombies “FIVE” (Table Glitch)

  1. yeah i jump on the second barrier and it knocks me back down bummer

  2. i cannot even jump on it.its just wrong

  3. It actually works I get in this glitch all the time it takes a little practice but it’s best if you use a private match and you can’t be host

  4. in real life zombies if it was we could climb on that and on roofs black ops 2 better have more real zombies

  5. It really works tbh thought is was a fake now I do this every time

  6. i try this all the time and i get on the first board but when i jump again i fall down

  7. actually they patched this for live users. sucks to be you! lol. but seriously. only doable without live.

  8. it does work I have done it loads today

  9. How to jump to the door frame and table
    I have a pc and windows xp
    I shoot the bottom tw part of the window and then F to build to boards across.
    However I can only get to the first board then when I jump for the 2nd board it pushes me back and to the ground, How can I overcome this or is it impossible on a pc?

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