COD7 Black Ops Zombies?

May 2, 2010 in Black Ops, Zombies


Keep the zombies!

There has been much discussion about COD7 and where and what it will be about. Now we know its Black Ops taking place in Vietnam/ColdWar era. What we don’t know, and I haven’t heard much discussion about it ZOMBIES! IMO, I don’t see how Treyarch (or Activision for that matter) would leave out something as popular as World at War Nazi Zombies was. It actually became a “Cult”. I spent 5-7 hours at a pop, killing zombies, trying to get to the next higher level. Lots of us (when we get bored with MW2) go back to W@W zombies for a nice relaxing time of killing zombies LOL. It was a HUGE success, IMO. So if “they” left out something that was along this line of fighting off undead evil hoards would be a HUGE disappointment to sooooo many fans out there. I’ll even go so far to say that if something like zombies is left out of Black Ops, then there would be many that would not purchase it, simply because they will continue to play their zombies on W@W. Note to Activision/Treyarch: Don’t try to split them up either please, because it is a selling point to have two games wrapped in one to break away from the stress of Multiplayer aka “Lets go kill some zombies, I’m tired of getting noobed tube’d, plus my gameplay sux today” This is my opinion, what say you?



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  1. Stb said on May 3, 2010

    I’m all for zombies

  2. GIZMO said on May 3, 2010

    Zombies with ak47 and AUG’s sweet.
    And apparently there was suppossed to be zombies in the trailer, but it dropped by 3 frames whilst airing so it dropped it out, well thats treyarch’s explination but i think they want to keep us waiting

  3. blake said on May 5, 2010

    I totally agree with the column. They definitely need to keep the zombies going in COD Black Ops. The first thing that came to my mind when i saw there was a another COD game coming out by treyarch and activision; I thought, I wonder if there will be zombie maps in this game. Absolutely keep the zombie maps going.

  4. There will be zombies in black ops my dad actually is working on the maps right now but he told me not to give out to much information but I can confirm that there will be a whole campaign based on zombies

  5. richard tell him i love him for working on the zombie maps!

  6. Cody said on May 7, 2010

    THANK GOD!!! if there were no mre zombies i would give up on trayarch thank you richards dad

  7. GIZMO said on May 8, 2010

    Gullable much -.-

  8. Ben said on May 11, 2010

    I hope they keep the zombies going, gives you a variety of play with one game. Will consider another game all together if I cant play zombies.

  9. I’d spend the $60 purely just to play more zombie maps with different guns and/or perks. Hell they could make an entire game out of zombies and I’d buy it for $60 bucks without flinching.

  10. I’d spend way more than $60 for a game purely of Nazi Zombies with all the guns of WWII and Vietnam. Load it with perks ESPESCIALLY stopping power. Pack a punch with two upgrades for each gun. Tactical knives for quickly knifing zombies. OOOOOoh the possibilities one dreams of when thinking of the zombie appocalypse. Also in the teaser in the beginning if you go frame by frame you will see scientists watching a liquid filled chamber like there was a biological experiment in there. It then popped out of the chamber and then it goes to the next part of the teaser.

  11. they should totaly put zombies in black ops.
    AK+M16+Zombies =win!
    and a much bigge rvariety of maps on zombies, and some bette rmaps cos cod5 maps kinda sucked balls

  12. andy said on May 23, 2010

    Nazi zombies is one of the top 3 games ive ever played so addicting so fn awesome whoever thought of it at treyarch better b vice president of the company or got one hell of a bonus

  13. andy said on May 23, 2010

    Nazi zombies is one of the top 3 games ive ever played so addicting so fn awesome whoever thought of it at treyarch better b vice president of the company or got one hell of a bonus

  14. Someone really believed that Richard guy? Lol. Well anyways, totally agree with the column. They would be out of a lot of money if they left zombies off this game because that was the main attraction to COD WaW. Interesting to see what they’re going to do.

  15. dude i thik they will have a horde but its not called nazi zombies but we should play sometime

  16. J Banks,
    I agree. I am going to do another post on zombies soon, But I agree it will not be “Nazi Zombies” but some other type of “horde”; however, I also have another theory which I will talk about l8r……………..

  17. It would be stupid from a marketing perspective to not include this game mode… much less come out with a standalone game. If they did not include Zombies, I would question whether or not Treyarch is being run by the hoarde itself. It’s a cash balloon! I work in the tech field, and everyone I have asked has said that, by far, the coolest part of WaW (and, some say, the whole franchise) was Nazi Zombies. Left 4 Dead doesn’t even touch this game. It comes nowhere close to being as interesting, sophisticated, and competitive as Zombies- an idea that must be developed. Treyarch clearly has a marketing cheeseburger here- easy breezy sleazy cheesy. Seriously.

  18. Not to mention, I have played hours and hours of Zombies (personal best: 37 with no cheats, 31 with up to machine guns only, 28 with SMGs only). I will be personally insulted if Treyarch doesn’t do this they way it needs to be done. It’s the only game I care about, the only reason Xbox 360 was made was to make it possible for me to play this game. Thanks, Microsoft! This will make or break Treyarch…

  19. Donald: why shouldnt we belive richards dad?
    Why are you saying we shouldnt belive him? Got and special reason not to`??

  20. if they don’t have zombie killin fun,then heads are gonna roll.and sadly they won’t be zombies. i wish i could believe richards dad.

  21. I know that zombies will be in black ops cuz where the guy is hanging in Dee riese there is illuminati code that I haven’t yet depicted so someone might wan to. Plus another illuminti code stated that Edward is alive and treyarch will return with more zombies

  22. BOB said on June 8, 2010


  23. i personaly hate treyarch there games usually suck. but w@w made me semi like them if black ops doesnt have zombies there is no way im going to buy it and im guessing countless many others.

  24. NANO said on June 8, 2010

    well, i am a huge fan of nazi zombies, i bought all maps and it will be very surprising for me to see nazi zombies in Black ops, zombies are very good BUT we’re forgeting that cod games are shooting games i none of them are about zombies. i dont want to be negative but do you really think they will came back?

  25. The zombies. They will come. And I will wait. With my well-oiled machinery. Just like me..

  26. the zombies on WAW alone was more popular than its multiplayer and campaign together. i dont think they could afford to leave out zombies. they would lose so much money

  27. if they leave zombies then it wud suk and no one wud play black ops i normally play 4 da zombies it awesome!!

  28. NANO said on June 9, 2010

    i understand what all of you say, and i would be very dissapointed if they dont come back, but they didnt come back on cod 6, why are they going to change that and put them back on cod 7?

  29. I hope it’s kept along the lines of the 1940′s outbreak style we saw in COD WAW.

  30. Dan said on June 10, 2010

    Nano— Treyarch made WaW Zombies not infinity ward. Infinity ward does MW1&2, Treyarch does Black ops.Also of course they will have zombies because it was successful and they made new maps.

  31. j said on June 10, 2010

    why would you believe richard. ready…wait for it…

    “my dad also works for treyarch and he said there is no zombies.”

    all it takes. 1 random person saying such things means nothing on the internet. for the record i believe zombies will be in the game in some form, though not actually nazi’s. bring on the VC-zombies. there is no way treyarch could ignore the amount of money zombies brought in. people went out and bought x-box just for zombies.

  32. DAN- anyway, i think the same as you, but the game is not about zombies, is not about world war 2 and isnot about nazis, can you explain why are they going to put “nazi zombies” in a game of the cold war, it really has no sense.
    still, i love zombies, and leaving them would be a big error…

  33. q said on June 11, 2010

    if you look carefully Dan said nothing about -Nazi- zombies, he just said zombies. they could easily do a Viet Cong Zombie mode or whatever and it would probably be successful. Besides, WWII has nothing to do with zombies but they added zombies in WaW

    anyways they better have zombies in Black Ops and I agree with everyone here in saying leaving out zombies would be a failure

  34. vietnambies

  35. Maybe they could somehow cover a campain on the creation of the zombies or cinematic followed by 8 player multi-perk, multi-pack a punch CARNAGE!!

  36. It had better be a horde mode with zombies rather than a spec-ops AI thing. It would just take all the fun out of it! Zombie parts everywhere and thier stupidity. LOL!! Look it’s a monkey!

  37. Vietnemise zombies


  38. Well, if I was running the company trying to make as much money as possible then I would just release Black Ops do something like MW2 did with special missions and then release a totally new game solely for Nazi Zombies. But I don’t run the company and I pray they don’t do this. It would tick me off having to pay another $60 for what was a last minute add on to WaW. I really hope it’s just added into the black ops game play and I don’t have to buy two games to give me what WaW gave me in one game.

  39. On an app for the iphone it said there would be a zombie mode

  40. TOM said on June 16, 2010

    If they do have zombies it better be bloody scary it got a bit to heroic in der riese it needs to be about killing and blood thirsty action. zombies aernt heroic maybe abit but it needs to scare the balls off people

  41. TOM said on June 16, 2010

    do your dads really work for activision or are you lieing if so tell the bloody truth

  42. If they dont put Zombies in Black Ops, I will refuse to buy the game…. There, I said it!

  43. lik i saw a vid on youtube a while bak and people say on ‘der rease’ that thar is clues on the map tat the guy that made the zombies is still alive and that he went 2 AREA 51 and still expermenting on zombies — plus look at the comment that we made so y would they say no== FYI the [waterwalffle] is a real gun

  44. y would treyarch not put zombies in i mean if they dnt dey wnt get money or any fans dat wud suck

  45. The only reason I even bought COD WaW was because of the Nazi Zombies. In addition, I paid 800 microsoft points for each zombie map because they were just so damn awesome. I didn’t know that it came with multiplayer maps. That just goes to show you how successful, and addicting, the zombies can be.

  46. There wont be a zombie feature , because there isnt anything having to do with zombies or scientist. Don’t feel sad because we will have a free roam feature that has soldiers instead of zombies!

  47. zombies better come back to cod7 arber demiri your saying rubbish

  48. i think that there should be zombies i hope they don’t do special ops because that crap is gay

  49. look at me im a former treyrch devlepoer and theres gonna be noes zombs in black ops. BULLSHIRT. u could easily mpersonate someone.

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