COD7 FIVE “Pentagon” Zombie Barrier Glitch

November 14, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch, Zombies

Here is another Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Barrier Glitch. This one is on the map “Five” aka “Pentagon”. It is a really hard “strafe” jump onto a platform once you get down the elevator, watch video………Excellent tutorial.
There is some that say that it is already patched however. I haven’t logged on yet but will post a comment if it has……… :D


5 responses to COD7 FIVE “Pentagon” Zombie Barrier Glitch

  1. You can now unlock this map by going to the computer in the main menu

    and typing the follow “3arc unlock”

  2. hi i keep trying it and i cant do it would it still work on ps3?

  3. This one has been patched, check “home” page of codbunker, and do “table” glitch, lots of fun :)

  4. the table glitch is easy but u can only do it once so get good weps and a crawler to do it

  5. Table glitch has been patched, you can do it more than once though. But yes, unfortunately its been patched, so has the barrier in the control room

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