COD7 Zombies (Black Ops)

June 12, 2010 in Black Ops, Zombies

There has been so much speculation/discussion of whether or not Treyarch will include Zombies in the upcoming Call of Duty release “Black Ops” (COD7). It is CODBUNKER’s opinion that one of two (and unlikely 3rd) things WILL happen:

1. A Zombie like game will be included in COD7 Black Ops very similar to COD5 W@W.
2. There will be a game similar to COD6 MW2 Spec Ops that will be covert CIA/SOG/Cold War missions and Treyarch or other Studio will release a standalone (Non COD) Zombie only game.
3. Unlikely: will just create new maps for COD5 Zombies to purchase.

ONE OF THESE WILL HAPPEN (or pretty similar)
Here is why: When zombies in COD5 became such a hit, it created a huge following of fans almost cult like. Some peeps purchased the game JUST for the Zombies. Some (like myself) got bored after awhile playing Multiplayer and checked it out and immediately got addicted. The perfect “break” from the normal game, yet you could go right back to the normal game when you got tired of killing Zombies. You can read some of the comments/feedback from this previous post and see that there are plenty of peeps that HAVE TO have zombies to play. In short what Treyarch started in COD5 will do nothing but generate revenue, ATVI (Activision) main purpose in life is to increase revenue to satisfy its shareholders, do you really think they would throw away a guaranteed revenue generator……….I don’t think so.

Now for the interesting stuff…..tee hee hee hee ;-)

Jason P (at TermFury on twitter) alerted me to this one: On the main Black Ops poster you will note that the pistol being held has “Sally” with slash marks, Looks like Zombie level marks to me, what say you?

In an interview with Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia he spoke of a special 4 player co-op game.

Then there is the Viral Website GKNOVA6, Here are some good reads on that:
Call of Duty Wikia GKNOVA6 section.
Call of Duty Zombies GKNOVA6 forum.

I also suggest you read up on George F. Kennan (Note his initials….GK…Hmmm….Wikipedia on George Kennan.

There are some other “far reaching” clues I am keeping notes on but not speaking of them…yet, because I am keeping an open mind on this matter and not trying to get sucked into the potential misdirection of clues we are seemingly easily given and miss the outside the box clues. Yet I don’t want to confuse you in case these clues are “it is what it is” / “what you see is what you get”. But I will say this of the 3 items I stated at the beggining, I will post it when it is official that I told you so. ;-)



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  1. wow, lots of clues, but are all of them real? i dont really think my undead friends will come back, i cant believe on videogames companies.

  2. God I hope they don’t go with option number two. Freakin corperations cashing in instead of just adding it on.

  3. Well, if I was running the company trying to make as much money as possible then I would just release Black Ops do something like MW2 did with special missions and then release a totally new game solely for Nazi Zombies. But I don’t run the company and I pray they don’t do this. It would tick me off having to pay another $60 for what was a last minute add on to WaW. I really hope it’s just added into the black ops game play and I don’t have to buy two games to give me what WaW gave me in one game.

    *Fingers crossed for option 1*

  4. I ve the easter eggs on the poster e.g the phone number and the website. Plz include zombies here are some ideas
    -stopping power maybe danger close as well
    -c4/satchel charges what ever was available at the time
    -massive city or fields maps
    -zombies need to look more badass

    I also love in multiplayer and in zombies how you can gib your enemies. Plz add zombies!!!!

  5. Cod bunker the easter eggs that they won’t tell you are probably the hidden website url and phone number on the poster. I don’t remember them but plz visit and call the number. Spec ops was a massive fail I hated it treyarch will hopefully choose zombies over it.

    Btw the post above this the second word is love.

  6. Marks in the “Sally’s” gun means probably how many people he has killed. Every time he kills somebody, he marks a line to his gun. I heard that in war soldiers do sometimes something like that.

  7. Jole,
    Check my latest post for comparison, granted they are different directions on the slash, but VERY similar…….what say you?

  8. Jack,
    Yea, a buddy has poster, I have yet to see it….been busy, but I will check it soon

  9. thay best do it like cod5 bt better graphics n wepons, like the springfeild wz the worst gun on the whole game, no point of it really, they best do smthin like the “Ray Gun” again.

  10. I hope they come out with a stand alone game with like 10 levels…. that’d be sick

  11. JD_2020 sed zombies will return

  12. Another clue that zombies will be in black ops is I have a black ops app for the iPod and it says zombie mode will be back

  13. Treyarch will never get rid of zombies

  14. @chrisboi where did JD_2020 say they will return at

  15. i dont know if this is good or bad news but the hardened and prestige edition of cod7 has all 4 cod5 zombies maps included. i dont know if it is exactly the same or enhanced but this better not be 4 player co-op mode they were talking about!

  16. Rumours have started that only the Hardened/Prestige versions of the game have zombies. I’m not sure but if they do this, they’ll lose out on a lot of money. Is there anyone who can confirm this or not?

  17. MonStar,
    They are not rumors, that is what is posted on “descriptions” of what is included with the different versions, my “guess” is that the regular version will have ability to download or maybe integrate from WaW if you already have purchased those maps. Then again maybe not, since paying more for the prestige editions will enable you to play the WaW zombies without swapping disc’s……..check the “Home” page for further info, that I just posted………..

  18. what level is on it on the gun? If it’s 4,5,6,7,8 or 9 it could be the level of hell hounds because “Sally” is the name of samanthas dog

  19. hey Gknova6 has update. it seems like zombies are true! ( in screen u see scientist running, Zombified civilians, Zombie with their head, kinda broken (LOL), and a lot more) check it out on

  20. If you check tweets at the right side, it is OFFICIAL!!!
    Zombies are in fact (not just W@W version) going to be on COD Black Ops!!!
    Activision/Treyarch/Josh Olin all released info today
    I pretty much called it the day of this post :D

  21. it does have zombies but not on origonal

  22. i think if treyarch dont bring back zombies they would be very stupid because of all of the potential money they could make on it and how many people still play nazi zombies after 2-3 years!!!

  23. Ben,
    Search my site for updated info………..they ARE bringing zombies back!

  24. I love Call of Duty I Play and many, and always on the Sony 3

  25. kjh

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