Der Riese Gun Glitch

October 22, 2009 in Zombies

This is an update to the multiple gun glitch on Der Riese. (Original Video at bottom of post)
No longer to you have to obtain 12 weapons to only upgrade 6 by trading them in. Now you can upgrade ALL 12, or how ever many guns you have without trading in a gun! This works for Host also. YOU MUST HAVE a bouncing betty available. When you go to the PAP (Pack a Punch) machine, you insert your gun that you are going to upgrade, then cycle through your guns for your worst weapon (in case you mess up, until you get good at it) then when weapon comes back upgraded and ready to take from the PAP then Ready a betty. As soon as Betty starts to come up immediately hit button to take weapon, and hold for approximately 2 seconds. Cycle through your guns and you should see that you now have the upgraded gun but have not lost any others if done correctly. It takes a little practice, but is basically easy. Good luck.



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  1. I was able to do this REALLY easy the other night. Upgraded 6 guns without losing any..Why in the world could I not do it last night or today?????? It doesn’t make sense to me. I have the timing down perfect too… =(

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