Der Riese Monkey Bomb Tip

August 17, 2009 in Zombies

Last night I got bit in the buttocks by a hell hound and went down (twice) and of course lost all of my perks. Juggernog and Speed Cola most importantly. In round 27 we were pretty worried (me especially) since there was only three of us, (iain58, bdp_75 and I…….johnboy141090 timed out). I of course new there was no way I was getting them back since we did not have a crawler or a zombie at a window. Then iain, in his infinite widsom came up with a brilliant idea. We always use our monkey bombs to revive a down mate, but he suggest That I keep throwing them while I run to get my perks. Guess what I only had to throw 1. IT WORKED! We further contemplated that we could use this same method when we run out of ammo to Transport and maybe get max ammo, or at least a KABOOOOOOOOOM! So think outside the box, monkey bombs can be quite useful in many ways. Share your tips by hitting “comment” below.


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