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Der Riese: Multiple Gun Glitch tutorial

September 2, 2009 in Zombies

Hey guys,

This is the 3rd vid in the series and I believe there are only two more coming unless a new glitch comes out but Buckeye and I thought that this should be put up so you can enjoy the fun that we have with multiple guns…

lemme know what you think of new intro…. go check out my youtube page

www.youtube.com/bigpimpingbigbird for more vids and more information on each vid…


3 responses to Der Riese: Multiple Gun Glitch tutorial

  1. Excellent video Big Bird! Some people used to use timing to do this, but I noticed one day the “Press square to take weapon” pop up. That made it real easy……duh. Don’t know how I missed that so many times. Also sometimes it didn’t always work, and I realized that if I time it so just before halfway through “Revive” the “Press Square to take weapon” that it works almost every time. Another note is to have someone watch you if you have “Monkey Bombs” because I’ve accidentally traded Monkey Bombs for Molotov Cocktails! BUMMER! Have fun with this glitch ya’ll, great job BB.

  2. One more thing to mention (I don’t remember if you did in the video) The HOST cannot do this glitch. All others in the match can but the HOST can only have 2 weapons. Why? I don’t know…………….

  3. yea that was is included in the desciption of the video…
    you all should go check out out my youtube page for more stuff


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