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Der Riese Outside of Map Tutorial

September 25, 2009 in Zombies

Hey guys,

I finished the vid and have it posted to youtube. I wanted to put it up here fpr you all to see! This is the first time I have been able to get out the maps due to Treyarch always patching them before I get to try. LOL  Its awesome so you all should give it a try!




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  1. Gunit, BDP, Get-r-done-88, and I tried this last night, Gunit made it out. After we died and watched him in view mode, it was FREAKING KEWL. We got to see EVERYTHING. First he found out he could crawl over to fence area (by Kar98) and shoot zombies from there, then he ended up later falling even lower (sub level or something) then he could leave the map. It was like he was walking on the sky. He followed the moon and we discovered that the moon is actually flat (not round) once he got on the other side of it. Later he ran as far as he could and dropped big time. Then the screen went blue, and he started getting “hurt” then died. When screen came up with our scores it showed up “watery” that’s when we figured he drowned. You have to try this it is soooooo cool.


  2. http://www.codbunker.com – da best. Keep it going!

  3. lol we should of had that on video…

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