Do you have COD7 Black Ops “First Strike” DLC yet

February 1, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS, Xbox, Zombies

Well CODBUNKER just did………But how did I do that when I play on a Playstation 3, you might ask? Long story, short…….Day off work, CODBUNKER needed an Xbox 360, First Strike DLC is now available on XBOX LIVE……so…..I decided to give Bill Gates some more dough, LOL and went and got me a 360 with Kinect (can’t wait to try out the Kinect :) ) So now I have 3 PS3′s, 1 Xbox 360, 1 Wii, (I still need to get a Beastly PC for Call of Duty) So basically I now have most platforms covered (PC coming next) plus I get to check out Map Pack “First Strike” NOW!!! :D So when I’m on my PS3, I’ll know all the “spots” on the map to beast upon you LOL. First Impression of the Xbox is, cumbersome to go through the sign up process, but love the “Avatars” you can setup (Kinda kewl), Dashboard seems kinda kewl; however, My 6000+ songs on my NAS with DLNA does not get recognized to Xbox yet easily does with the PS3. Xbox sees my Media on another Microsoft computer, but not my Netgear Router/Seagate 2 TB NAS :( I will review COD gameplay after I’ve had a chance to do so, but I’m pretty sure, I’ll have a tough go of it at first because just by looking at the contoller, I hate it (because of the offset analog sticks) It’s too bad they don’t make a PS3 Style controller, I’m sure I’ll get used to it though. I have attached a video I found at the bottom of this post of Ascension gameplay and that “Monkey Round” OMG, I can’t wait to check that out! Also, I have no friends :( on Xbox Live So hopefully I’ll get some invites from some of you CODBUNKER members :) CYA Online!!!


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  1. Alright…. you know BDP and I both have 360′s. Never really play mine… actually maybe once! I will have to go ahead and get first strike (be a few weeks, Ava Grace is draining the extra funds :) I am sure there will not even be any talking BDP into it… he will just go out and buy since you have! How does the 360 live work? How much per month is it.

  2. I thought BDP did, didn’t know you had one, but XBL is 59.99 per year or 99.99 for 4 (family) or 5bucks a month I think, I just got 1 for a year for CODBUNKERcom

  3. BTW I don’t think I posted my GT in post: it’s


  4. One thing that DOES SUCK, is the R1, R2, L1, L2 are flipped vs PS3, and you can’t change it

  5. hey buck, get on tonight ill add you ill be on my friends gamertag though, its
    i dont have map pack yet i might get it tonight idk

  6. LOL, I am such a NOOB with this controller :(

  7. Boots,
    I’ll hafta catcha l8r, bout to cross over to PS3, but might jump back to Xbox l8r, but for sure will be off both by 10pm EST

  8. ok ill get at you another day than

  9. 4 SURE

  10. I’ll add ya my gamertag is kingleym98

  11. tks kingsley, but remember I am a Xbox controller noob, LOL :)

  12. ill be on tonight, ill be sending you a friend request

  13. I’ll send one as well. MY GT – Bengalfish

    Just done 28 rounds on Ascension. Might be the funnest zombies ever on COD.

  14. Well……….I made the mistake of hooking up the Kinect for my 5 year old :) HE LOVES IT, if you have kids, you must get Kinectimals, it’s like he’s is inside the storyline of a cartoon with these cute lil tiger cubs, etc. VERY AMAZING, anyway…..I have relenquished control of the Xbox to him…..for now, I will get it back from him probably Friday (Sat for sure) but it looks like I’m gonna hafta get another Xbox, LOL…….I see you guys on soon though :D

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