How do you unlock COD7 Dead Ops Arcade

November 11, 2010 in Black Ops, Zombies

Here is how to unlock the Third (last) Zombie map of Call of Duty Black Ops.
This was sent to me in an email by CODBUNKER Member Kingsley THANKS K man :D

Subject: 3rd zombie map

” 2 unlock the 3rd zombie map at the zombie menu u have to use the right analog stick 2 look down at your hands and keep pressing LT and RT with xbox and with ps3 I’m not sure but u can tell because your hand are moving and stuff and keep pressing those buttons and you’ll escape from the chair go behind the chair and you’ll find a lapt0p press the x/square button to go on it the type in rusalka then press enter then type in cd then press enter then type in doa and press enter then you’ll unlock dead ops arcade :D

Thanks again Kingsley!!!!!

OF COURSE I hope everybody knows by now, to unlock the PENTAGON “FIVE” map all you have to do is complete the campaign mode!


7 responses to How do you unlock COD7 Dead Ops Arcade

  1. Sweet I’ll have to try this :P

  2. sweeeeet =D

  3. i put the code in it dont work the code is “3arc unlock”

  4. loooool”!!!!!!!!!! i might try eusalka ! :D xDDDDDDDd

  5. This is from an email to me from Casey (TKS Casey :) :

    Unlock Pentagon Zombie Map

    If you don’t feel like completing the campaign, or don’t have the time, but you want to unlock the Zombie Map, “Five” (AKA The Pentagon), just go to the same terminal as you did for the Dead Ops Arcade. (Rapidly press LT/RT or L2/R2 on the main screen, get up, walk behind the chair to the computer.) After accessing the computer, type in “3arc unlock” and press the enter button. It’ll say, “Cheat Enabled” but it’s not a cheat, as you can still receive Achievements and such. Hope this helps! =o)

  6. i knew that long time ago 3arcc unlock is old
    way old

  7. really works fun to

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