Kino der Toten COD7 Zombies Turret Gun Glitch

November 15, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch, Zombies

Here is a kewl Glitch on Call of Duty Black Ops in Zombie Mode on the Map Kino der Toten. My pal “G” told me bout it so we went in to try it and I got it after my 4th try (I kept jumping OVER the Turret Gun Podium, LOL) What you have to do is get Juggernaut and have one zombie crawler. Once you have those go the the “Theater” room where the Turret Gun Podium is and get the crawler to chase you up the stairs of the podium, then start jumping backwards and as soon as you feel yourself “launch” keep back for a second then try to steady yourself “forward” and you will land on the podium. If you get as close as you can to the rear of the podium (actually just about hanging off in mid air) then you are untouchable and zombies will pile up behind you. We had two (as you see in video) on the podium and the other two stood to the back wall of stage to the right of us and they just had to watch the window there. Zombies behind us came to our rear and the ones from the left ran down by transporter stairs and came behind us. So check it out, share this post with your M8′s / Friends, and try it out. :D


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  1. =( video disabled

  2. Boots,
    I see that……hmmmmm, very interesting, I also got an email from Youtube stating that Activision says that I am “Infringing” I don’t know what I’m infringing, but it got ganked LOL. Ummmm I thought that they promoted upload of your gameplay ala Theater Mode, so is it wrong to upload gameplay that shows a bug in THIER programming, I didn’t put it there…….. I will contact them on this, I don’t see how I infringed by showing regular gameplay as millions of others do??? WHATEVER!

  3. Haha they might see it as bad media, idk 0.o, but yeah check up on it, im still going to def have to try this though!

  4. I’d need a video to be able to understand the glitch. I’ve always needed visual-aid on walkthroughs. It could be possible that they removed it so others won’t abuse the glitch. This could also be a way to say, “OK, thanks for showing us. We’ll fix it ASAP. Also, video removed so no one else can use it. Kaybai.”

  5. Activision, is acting crazy, when it comes to Vid’s they don’t like

  6. is it actually a good glitch if so thnks dood i will coment back saying if it does for others

  7. i dont know why they try to patch these glitches their fun to do and probaly get more people playing the game and i recon they put the tablle gllitch in for that reason or other wise they would have patched it by now

  8. Halloooo, =)
    whai you post on they internet..? I really dont snap your mesega

  9. Whai i no see my messega?

  10. SG,
    I totally agree, I was playing Zombie 5 for HOURS, now I haven’t played it since, went back to Multiplayer :(

  11. its patched


  13. -50 Million points if you’re doing this crap ranked cheater.

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