Most COD7 Zombie Glitches have been Patched

December 4, 2010 in Black Ops, Glitch, Zombies

In the last two days, Treyarch has released Live Updates to fix the following Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Glitches:

Unlimited Ammo Glitch for the “Death Machine” = PATCHED
Glitch to get up on top of Transporter area in the “War room” = PATCHED
Most ALL Climbing Window “Board” Glitches (lately the ones in basement) = PATCHED
(Previous “Table Glitch” Window has been patched for some time)

HOWEVER, for those of you persistent (I….MUST….DO….THE…..GLITCH….OR….DIE)
There still is a way, but only in the SOLO mode. Some stated that you have to disconnect Ethernet or disable it, but I am pretty sure all you have to do is go straight into the SOLO mode.

Oh, and I suppose next is the “How do you do it” LOL, well I’ll tip you on the War Room (Just stop the emails :D )

COD7 War Room Glitch The rail pictured is how you jump up. First you need a crawler (hopefully one that slaps rather than lunges, but they both work) and its a REAL good idea to have juggernaut for this. You get to the rail, line up so you legs are basically straddling it then jump backwards/forwards, (depending on how your facing,) just jump towards direction of fence not the zombie. He will eventually slap you up in the air, then you slowly walk the line over to to top of transporter machine and hop up!!! Also picture below is a good idea to stack up for when you almost run out of ammo is a “garden of claymores” LOL
COD7 Claymore Garden on top of Transporter in War Room


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