Multiple WunderWaffe

August 15, 2009 in Zombies

Here is a clip of multiple wunderwaffes on call of duty world at war Shi No Numa.

We accidentally did this and later figured out how the get them again and also how all of us can have the flamethrower.

I will post instructions later.  Video was taken by “DeathbyAK47″ with “Gunit” and “BuckeyeTC” in video.


****UPDATE TO POST 6/12/2010****

LOL, after all this time someone reminded me to POST how to get multiple WunderWaffes, well not sure if it still works, but here is how we did it on Shi No Numa:

Player A has acquired WW, then any other player (we will call them B) has to bleed out (die). Then Player B has to observe only player A and player A has to have his WW at the ready. Then player A has to kill a zombie. Then once the round is complete, player B will respawn. ONLY player B goes to the mystery box and spins the box until he sees WW, which of course he takes it, then C and D can acquire WW as well. This is what we did and it worked EVERYTIME. Let me know if it still works, or maybe I’ll try it this weekend.



12 responses to Multiple WunderWaffe

  1. Is this possible on Der Riese? Multiple upgraded flamethrowers would be nice. :)

  2. I will have to test that this weekend.
    I’ve heard the following rumor on Der Riese:
    - Need at least 3 zombie snacks (Players)
    - If all members of the team refuse the wunderwaffe when it first comes up then all “snacks” from then on can obtain multiples.
    - In othe words:
    Joe, Jim, and Betty are playing.
    Joe flips through box and WW comes up, he does not take it but watches it fall back into box.
    Jim flips through box later and WW comes up, he also refuses to take it.
    Betty then flips box and WW comes up for her, she refuses.
    Now the rumor is, since all players have now refused, the next time
    each player rolls up WW in box and takes it, then all should be able to.

    I’ll try and get iain58, bdp_75, and myself (maybe another) to attempt this,
    if that works then it may/should with the flamethrowers as well.


  3. Lou said on May 29, 2010

    Did the multiple WW on Der Riese work?

  4. Lou,
    I never got multiple WW’s on Derived Riese
    I tried different ways then gave up

  5. This should definitly be a feature on Black Ops zombies if its made. 2 WW in a team of 4?

  6. How did you guys do 3WW on Shi No Numa anyway?

  7. Raplh,
    LOL, Sorry bout that, I never did post how to do that!!!
    Figured it out later, what we did accidentally, we figured out how to do every time (not sure if it works now though) I will update this post with how to do it right NOW!

  8. Is it possible that playing only 2 people, both get the WW??

  9. Terminator,

    It worked with two of us last year…………………

  10. Thanks BuckeyeTc..

    I did it many times with 3 or 4 people on Shi No Numa, and I tried in Der Riese the same way, but doesn’t work, any ideas how it works on der riese?

  11. Term,
    Alas…….It does not work on Der Reise :-(

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