My FIRST COD7 Black Ops Zombie Video

November 10, 2010 in Black Ops, Zombies

What was the first thing I play when I plugged in Call of Duty Black Ops??? ZOMBIES!!! I just had to see what enhancements Treyarch had done or come up with. I create a video below of my first game, I only made it to level 8 I think, but it gives you an idea. Later that night after playing LOTS of HeadQuarters, I played one more short one. Here is my quick take on KINO DER TOTEN and BO Zombies in general so far. I was surprised to see that the Zombies seem to be VERY VERY aggressive. I guess they are probably pissed off since we have slaughtered SO MANY since WaW started them. But be careful they are not messing around this time! The “feedback” on the controller seemed pretty kewl also, when rebuilding windows, running stopping, and etc. it vibrates really hard which makes you even more nervous :) The dogs seemed to be the same-ish; however, there are these NASTY NASTY NASTY NEW Zombies that have been added! I call them the “Creepy Crawlers”, THEY ARE SIC! SPOOKY, SCARY and they hiss a poisonous breath at you. I must say I was VERY IMPRESSED with Zombies so far. (More to come in the near future) Also, (I haven’t done so yet) I’ve been told when you complete the “Campaign Mode” of CODBlackOps it will unlock the “White House Map” which you can play as JFK, Castro, and others?! There is still yet ANOTHER “Classified” map listed so we’ll find that one out soon enough.
Anyways here’s the Video………its the full match of 15 minutes to 8 rounds, so check it when you got some time.


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  1. Nice game Buck…

    Yesterday I was playing the “Five” map, and i made it to the round 26!!!, after several games ;-)…

    It’s really hard past the first 10 rounds…, but i made it to 26….

    Greetings from Acapulco….

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